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Private Investigation Service In Delhi

Private Investigation

Do you know that here at checkmate intelligence agency Delhi you can contact us for all types of investigation requirements whether it is for you or for your life partner-(pre/post-matrimonial) investigation Delhi, missing person in Delhi, for your business partner or other types of investigations like life fraud case evidence, asset and property will investigation. Checkmate is able to prove the truth front you and this is the reason we are known as the highly recommended private investigation agency in Delhi.

Infidelity Adultery Cheating Spouse Detective Delhi

Infidelity/ Adultery/ Cheating Spouse

Nowadays, it has become a very common concern that individuals have actually begun cheating their liked ones, those liked ones with whom they have got wed by swearing God. Today, the word, love has ended up being a ladder to reach to that position where you get all the rights to come into any kind of relationship and your partner quickly ended up being concur. However when that partner comes to know that to whom he/she loves, that person has actually taken you as tissue paper.

Divorce Maintenance Assets Verification Cases Detective Delhi

Divorce/Maintenance/ Assets Verification Cases

Our professional detectives are always prepared to raise the drape from the unknown stories which can be found in the type of phony property files, possessions records and divorce cases where the groom blame her partner and his household for dowry cases and need maintenance etc. We never let our clients lose the case, as our collected information trash all the fake documents and declarations and all the cheaters become mute.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Delhi

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

This issue has destroyed numerous lives and not only one, the whole household suffer for it. The factor is our parents never ever get closer to their kids, as they just struck their kids’ feelings and put pressure on them to obtain wed with their chosen bride/groom for their children. Here, the kids in some cases get agreed to cover the scenario and do exactly what their parents desire. But at next phase, they stay not able to forget their fan etc. which once again enter into their married life and the disputes take place and develop into an awful photo where not one or 2 many lives suffer.

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Corporate Investigation Delhi

Corporate Investigation

Here, in corporate sector, couple of employees always stay searching for the powerlessness of in charge and the managing directors which when they discover, they use them to make deal with the competitors of that business and generate income by breaching the trust of that company. Here, these kinds of workers remain in contact with the competitors of that company and make money from both parties. These kinds of employees also leakage the info relating to tenders etc. so by in this manner the company start losing tenders etc. and remain in loss.

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Litigation Support Evidences Fraud Cases Delhi

Litigation Support / Evidences / Fraud Cases

If you are into any litigation matter and court is requiring some proofs and proofs in your appeal and you stay not successful to offer the required proofs before the court, then do not worry about it. Here, you simply have to call us and discuss about your litigation matter about any type of scams, property matter, insurance coverage and so on, we will certainly make you get success in the court, as our expert investigators are able to find the evidence from the fire as well as from the water.

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Locate Missing Person Delhi

Locate Missing Person

When you believe that the regional cops is not supporting you to discover your relative, kid or any known if he/she is lost or abducted, then you can trust the checkmate intelligence firm and call us any time to offer the obligation to find that lost person. We are able to track calls, messages and the place of the individual and our expert investigators and private investigators are quite experienced in fixing these types of matters to discover the lost person. In some cases, our relative and buddy is included into the matter and simply to beat or to take revenge, they dedicate these kinds of crimes.

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Spy Software Delhi

Spy Software

When we think, the suspect is aiming to be clever and getting rid of the evidence and the evidences while committing criminal offense, we utilize the spy software which we included into our examination process so that using state-of-the-art software application we might be able to trace calls, SMSs, chatting records and the area likewise. Here, other than for the extremely knowledgeable manpower, we also utilize state-of-the-art spy software application to reach to the final point where the suspect’s real photo is displayed in front of the public.

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Undercover Operations Delhi

Undercover Operations

Here, during our investigation, the majority of the procedures are under cover, as we never ever let anyone judge our activity. We follow the suspect for 24/7 and keep ourselves nearby him/her as a typical individual so that not just the suspect, the other individuals might observe us. We are trained and knowledgeable in our profession so you do not need to be worried that we might come into notice or your details would be leaked or shown anybody. Our trust and best shots are the main reason of our major accomplishments.

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Physical Surveillance Shadowing Delhi

Physical Surveillance/Shadowing

Here, if you are arranging any party and need some individual guard to protect your visitors or you need any security individual who might constantly be with you as your shadow, then checkmate intelligence is constantly there for you to secure you with our finest and trained guards. Apart from this, we likewise offer shadowing service to frame out the exact activities of the suspect for which are hired to investigate.In this procedure, we trace-out the day-to-day regimen, phone calls, SMSs good friend circle, Job circle of the suspect so that we could reach out at the resultant to collect the specific evidence.

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Honey Trapping Delhi

Honey Trapping

When we get into the investigation process, we do each activity to collect the required info which our customer could use to solve his matter. Here, when we believe that the suspect runs out our reach with technical in addition to undercover operations, then we opt for honey trapping and follow the routines and the everyday routine activities of the suspect by which we come closer to the suspect and aim to make him/her amazed so that we could record the evidences, documents and the required information by beating the heart of the suspect extremely wisely.

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Anti Spy Bug detector Bug Sweeping Delhi

Anti Spy /Bug detector/Bug Sweeping

Except for the physical activities, we likewise use contemporary innovation devices which quickly eliminate the unwanted spyware software application took into your gadget to trace your activities, as we utilize anti-spyware software for our clients to make them notify from their bad-wishers and competitors. Here, while performing our examination jobs, we make use of bug detectors and bug sweepers which help us to identify the GPS trackers, spyware cameras, and the smartly placed audio recorders so that the suspect could not trace us or our customer’s activities.

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