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We, the checkmate intelligence agency, are one of the best security agencies in India, work to deliver the best private investigation services, as we have a great team of experts of various sectors involved in private security and detective field. We focus on investigating the truth, on which your relationship or your business exists and you become able to get the justice. Our investigation process starts from your words like what is making you worried and who is there from whom you are getting threatened whether it is an intentional carried out or just a misunderstanding. We make your doubts clear either they are related to your premarital or post marital relationships, or they are related to your business deals or court case evidences.

If you are worried about our children who is taking them on the wrong direction or you feel someone is distracting them, our expert team can raise the curtain of all the doubts and the untold truth which take a shape of big disputes and many lives become disturbed sometime the lives become vanished and finish on the railway tracks or get hanged on the ceiling fans. So we put our best efforts to make your alert and cautious so that you could stay away from the suspects who bring themselves by becoming your well-wishers but in actual their intention is to make your ruined.

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Today, we know that the divorce rate is increasing its numbers and no value of relationships is there because some smart minds work behind the scene who play for both the parties never let themselves disclosed. Here, court demand proofs which are sometimes become impossible to collect due to various reasons so you can hire us to collect the exact proofs for you which could make you able to get justice. We are always here for our clients, and looking forward to get a phone call from your end. You must call us once.

We cover almost every state and city of Northern India, and we have strong network of the major cities like New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Shimla and almost all the cities of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal etc. In our investigation process, we are able to track all the phone call records, SMS records and by using digital spy gadgets we can also track each activity your suspect commit by using Phone or any other secret meeting or deal he/she attend without your knowledge. Each of our evidence we collect is thoroughly investigated, as we never provide fake evidence just to show that we worked for you. We know that our single statement can make you win or lose so we put our best efforts to find the truth for which you hire us.

We never disclose or share the evidences or information we collect for you. Here, you can blindly trust us, as we never let our clients disappointed. Here, in northern India, we have made a great reputation by satisfying our clients who were much closer to break their relationships but now they are living happily together as we cleared their doubts and many of them have got justice with our collected evidences for their court cases etc.

Therefore, if you have any doubt that your partner is hiding something from you or in contact with any suspect, or you want to know about your partner under premarital and post-marital investigation, then checkmate intelligence agency is always there for you 24/7 to bring the truth before you.

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