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Checkmate Intelligence Agency

The Best Private Detective Agency Of India.

Private Investigation Service In Delhi

Private Investigation

Here, at the checkmate intelligence agency, you can contact us for any type of investigation whether it is or your life partner-(pre/post-matrimonial) investigation, a missing person, for your business partner, or any other type of investigation life fraud case evidence, asset and property will investigation, etc. We are able to prove the truth before you and this is the reason we are known as the highly recommended private investigation agency in Delhi.

Infidelity Adultery Cheating Spouse Detective Delhi

Infidelity/ Adultery/ Cheating Spouse

Nowadays, it has become a very common issue that people have started cheating their loved ones, those loved ones with whom they have got married by swearing God. Today, the word, love has become a ladder to reach that position where you get all the rights to come into any type of relationship and your partner easily become agree. But when that partner comes to know that to whom he/she loves, that person has taken you like tissue paper.

Divorce Maintenance Assets Verification Cases Detective Delhi

Divorce/Maintenance/ Assets Verification Cases

Our professional investigators are always ready to raise the curtain from the untold stories which come in the form of fake property documents, assets records and divorce cases where the groom blame her husband and his family for dowry cases and demand maintenance, etc. We never let our clients lose the case, as our collected information trash all the fake documents and statements and all the cheaters become mute.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Delhi

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

This issue has ruined many lives and not only one, but the whole family also suffer from it. The reason is our parents never get closer to their children, as they just hit their children’ emotions and put pressure on them to get married to their selected bride/groom for their children. Here, the children sometimes get agreed to cover the situation and do what their parents want. But at next stage, they remain unable to forget their lover, etc. which again enter into their married life and the conflicts take place and turn into a horrible picture where not one or two many lives suffer.

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Corporate Investigation Delhi

Corporate Investigation

Here, in the corporate sector, few employees always remain in search of the weak points of the boss and the managing directors which when they find, they use them to make deal with the competitors of that company and make money by breaching the trust of that company. Here, these types of employees remain in contact with the competitors of that company and make money from both parties. These types of employees also leak the information regarding tenders etc. so in this way, the company starts losing tenders, etc. and remain in loss.

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Litigation Support Evidences Fraud Cases Delhi

Litigation Support / Evidences / Fraud Cases

If you are into any litigation matter and the court is demanding some proofs and evidence in your appeal and you remain unsuccessful to provide the required shreds of evidence before the court, then do not worry about it. Here, you just need to call us and explain about your litigation matter about any type of fraud, property matter, insurance, etc., we will surely make you get success in the court, as our expert investigators are able to find the proofs from the fire as well as from the water.

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Locate Missing Person Delhi

Locate Missing Person

When you think that the local police is not supporting you to find your relative, kid or any known if he/she is lost or kidnapped, then you can trust the checkmate intelligence agency and call us any time to offer the responsibility to find that lost person. We are able to track calls, messages and the location of the person and our expert detectives and investigators are quite experienced in solving these types of matters to find the lost person. Sometimes, our family member and friend is involved in the matter and just to defeat or to take revenge, they commit these types of crimes.

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Spy Software Delhi

Spy Software

When we think, the suspect is trying to be smart and removing the proofs and the pieces of evidence while committing crime, we make use of the spy software which we added into our investigation process so that by using high-tech software we could be able to trace calls, SMSs, chatting records, and the location also. Here, except for the highly skilled manpower, we also use high-tech spy software to reach the final point where the suspect’s real picture is shown in front of the public.

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Undercover Operations Delhi

Undercover Operations

Here, during our investigation, most of the processes are under cover, as we never let anyone judge our activity. We follow the suspect for 24/7 and keep ourselves nearby him/her as a common person so that not only the suspect, the other people could notice us. We are well-trained and experienced in our profession so you do not need to be worried that we could come into notice or your information would be leaked or shared with anyone. Our trust and best efforts are the main reason for our major achievements.

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Physical Surveillance Shadowing Delhi

Physical Surveillance/Shadowing

Here, if you are organizing any party and need some personal security guards to protect your guests or you need any security person who could always be with you as your shadow, then checkmate intelligence is always there for you to protect you with our best and well-trained guards. Apart from this, we also provide shadowing service to frame out the exact activities of the suspect for which are hired to investigate. In this process, we trace-out the daily routine, phone calls, SMS friend circle, Job circle of the suspect so that we could reach out at the resultant to gather the exact evidence.

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Honey Trapping Delhi

Honey Trapping

When we get into the investigation process, we do each activity to collect the required information which our client could use to resolve his matter. Here, when we think that the suspect is out of our reach with technical as well as undercover operations, then we go for honey trapping and follow the habits and the daily routine activities of the suspect by which we come closer to the suspect and try to make him/her impressed so that we could capture the pieces of evidence, documents, and the required information by vanquishing the heart of the suspect very smartly.

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Anti Spy Bug detector Bug Sweeping Delhi

Anti Spy /Bug detector/Bug Sweeping

Except for the physical activities, we also use modern technology devices which easily remove the unwanted spyware software put into your device to track your activities, as we use anti-spyware software for our clients to make them alert from their bad-wishers and competitors. Here, while performing our investigation tasks, we make use of bug detectors and bug sweepers which help us to detect the GPS trackers, spyware cameras, and the smartly placed audio recorders so that the suspect could not trace us or our client’s activities.

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Checkmate Intelligence Agency Delhi

Checkmate Intelligence Agency

Why There Is A Need To Approach A Private Detective For Your Personal Matter?


Nowadays, the faith and the trust is just found in the books and the stories because in every relationship people try to suppress the truth and follow the wrong track which then turns into a wicked picture and become the cause of broken relationships, which again give a lead to divorces, suicides, missing person reports, etc. If we talk about the Indian system, where every court case demands a piece of exact evidence which sometimes get vanished due to the corruption and bribes, etc. So if any matter occurs like cheating spouse, fake dowry cases, divorce, frauds, etc. the innocent person always suffers and the suspect becomes free, as no evidence is reported before the court. Sometimes, innocent husbands suffer and sometimes innocent wives suffer and on the other hand, the fake will produced by the cheater relatives snatches the rights of an innocent owner of the property and this gets occur due to corrupted officers and some legal practitioners.

Here, when every time the innocent person is put up with the emotional and legal tortures, then only one way could raise a great hope among the victims of corruption and under table deals, and that hope is known as private investigation which could be done by the best private detective and intelligence agency in India, known as checkmate intelligence services. Here are highly experienced and qualified detectives and investigators are able to provide you the exact information of the suspect who is bowing pitchforks on the smooth track of your happy life. These types of activities are mostly committed by intentions to take revenge and to blackmail just to play with the lives and to capture the property by unlawful tricks etc.

Therefore, if you want to know the truth behind the scene of your husband’s/wife’s awkward behavior which has produced a doubt that there is someone is trying to ruin your relationship, or if you are unable to produce the shreds of evidence before the court regarding the property cases, murder cases, missing person cases and corporate sector cases where your closer ones are breaching the wall of faith and sharing the secrets to make you down in the market, then there is only one name, checkmate intelligence agency, which has raised all the curtains of all types of matter and brought the truth upon the table of justice where police remain shocked as some officers keep silent due to their under table deals.

Now it is the time to defeat the cheaters whether he/she is your life partner or your blood relation or anyone who brings himself/herself before you by treating him/her as your well-wisher but actually making you fool by winning your trust. Here, most of the times our family friends, relatives neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, before marriage and after marriage affairs become the major parties who then come front with their real image, when our highly experienced detectives and investigators focus on them and by using their experience and technology, they collect actual information and create evidence, etc.

Here, it is for sure that if you trust us and give your case’ responsibility in our experienced hands, by God’ grace and our honest efforts you will never get disappointed, as you will have the truth in your hands and your culprit will definitely get sentenced by the said court where police will definitely arrest him if you want him to get legal punishment. Here is our blog link for you to visit.





  • Highly experienced and well-trained investigators.
  • Dedicated approach to gather the truth along with exact evidences.
  • Specialist in Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation.
  • 100% Client Satisfaction with positive feedback.
  • We take full responsibility of our client’s problem and solve it with surety.
  • Well-known name in private investigation/detective field.
  • We focus on gathering exact proofs and evidences for our clients’ case.
  • Each information and documentation is kept secret and safe.
  • We use high-tech software and anti-spy/bug detectors to make us hidden.
  • We work for 24/7 until we reach to the exact information to make our client satisfied.
100% Success Ratio
100% Free Legal Support
100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
100% Reasonable Charges


Checkmate Intelligence Agency is here to help those who need private detective services desperately.

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